WHO warns of another pandemic outbreak


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently expressed the possibility that an epidemic like Corona will once again spread around the world. In fact, WHO has expressed suspicion about bird flu or avian influenza.

Although this disease occurs in birds. Which is caused by infection with different strains of influenza virus. But recently, the dangerous form of this virus H5N1 has been found in mammals. Because of this there is panic. WHO has warned about this that the dangerous form of this virus can also affect humans. Along with this, scientists have also expressed concern that if this virus spreads to humans, it will soon turn into an epidemic like Corona.

WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the H5N1 virus has been targeting birds for the past 25 years, but now it has spread from birds to mammals. Therefore, he says that this matter should be studied in depth. On the other hand, although the world is not ready for another epidemic, experts say that the arrival of bird flu in mammals is a new sign of an epidemic.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, British government consultant scientist Professor Ian Brown said that the situation is becoming serious. Bird flu is spreading rapidly in mammals. He said that how much health workers have learned after Covid, this new epidemic can prove to be very important in prevention.

But two other scientists have warned that even after Covid, the world has not learned from it. In an article published in Lancet Microbe, scientist Dr. Victor Dejau and Professor Prashant Yadav have written that Covid has disrupted the global supply and production chain. This gave a big push to the need to take defensive measures during the corona epidemic. Therefore, he said, in view of the possibility of a new epidemic, emphasis should be placed on a comprehensive surveillance system.

According to experts, bird flu can be avoided. They say that if a bird dies somewhere, they will not touch it under any circumstances. If touched, it can spread bird flu to humans. However, it has not been confirmed whether bird flu can be transmitted to humans or not. Only suspicions have been expressed now. But caution is indispensable in this regard.

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