Why are numbers written on the back of plastic bottles?


Today, every item is found in plastic. Especially the water bottle is made of plastic. Plastic is harmful to health but the question arises which plastic is more harmful to health. A number is written on the bottom of the plastic bottle. This number gives information about how harmful a plastic bottle is.

If the number three or seven is written on the bottom of the plastic bottle, then such plastic bottles contain harmful substances like BP. Similarly, a number is written in the shape of a triangle on the bottom part of the plastic bottle. If a number is written on it, this plastic bottle can be used only once. If you want to use a plastic bottle repeatedly, you should look at the number 2, 4, 5 on the bottom of the bottle. Plastic bottles with this number can be used repeatedly and are considered safe. Similarly, if the number 3, 6, 7 is written on the plastic bottle, then such plastic bottles should not be reused.

आवट or आवतव meaning: this code is found on most of the plastic bottles used at home. As it is a normal quality plastic, it is written like this. Whether it is a cold drink or a bottle of water, in which we bring home goods in a plastic box or bottle, such a code is found. Long-term use of bottles with this code can be harmful to health.

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