Why are some truck tires hanging?


Trucks carrying wheat goods have eight or 16 wheels. Such trucks are equipped with extra wheels, which do not touch the road. These wheels are called lift axles or drop axles. A vehicle has wheels on both sides, which are connected to a thick rod-like object. When this rod rotates, when the wheel rotates, it is called an axle.

The tires hanging in the air are called drop axles, when the truck driver needs them, they press a button and drop them down and they start rolling along with the rest of the tires. Drop axles cannot be driven on the road at any time.

The more axles a truck has, the more weight it can lift, but due to more axles, the truck’s speed and ability to move easily are reduced. The more the wheel, the more its repair costs. In this case, when more weight is imposed on the truck, the drop axle is lowered, and when the weight is reduced, it is hung again. Due to which the tire does not slip and runs for a long time. Truck tires are very expensive.

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