Why do cars catch fire in summer?


Car fires are not a new phenomenon. Most of the time, cars catch fire during summer season. Therefore, you should pay attention to some things so that the car does not catch fire. Nowadays, new car accessories are coming in the market. In addition to original, cheap and fake car accessories are also sold in the market. In order to save some money, we put fake and cheap accessories in our cars. We get those things fitted to the vehicle by an untrained mechanic. In this case, many times due to wrong wiring, short circuit occurs in the car and fire occurs.

Fake and cheap CNG kits are installed in cars to save money. However, this can prove to be very dangerous. Cheap and fake CNG kits are the main cause of car fires.

If the car catches fire, the electrical unit of the car is jammed. Due to this, the power window, seat belt and central locking system also fail, which makes it very difficult for the person sitting in the car to get out. When a car catches fire, you should get out immediately because carbon monoxide gas starts spreading inside the car, which proves to be very dangerous.

The bonnet of the car should not be opened, otherwise the fire will spread even more when it gets oxygen. If there is a fire extinguisher in the car, the fire should be controlled with it. Therefore, to prevent the car from catching fire, the servicing of the car should be done from an authorized service center. After the free service, many people take the car to a cheap service station. Untrained mechanics often cause problems in cars. Always keep a fire extinguisher, seat belt cutter and hammer in your car.

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