Why not keep/wear dead person’s clothes


When a person dies, we take care of the things related to him. But Purana does not consider it right to do this. It is said that if a person dies, all his belongings and clothes should be donated. There is a religious and scientific reason behind donating the clothes of a dead person.

Religious reasoning: According to Garuda Purana, while a person is alive, his attachment to his objects and clothes remains, in the same way, even after death, his attachment remains to his clothes and objects. If we use its cloth, the soul is attracted towards it. According to Garuda Purana, for the peace and salvation of the dead person’s soul, all his belongings, especially clothes, should be donated.

Scientific Reason: According to science, using clothes of any dead person is not good for mental health. If we wear the clothes of a dead person, we are surrounded by his memory and the person may become mentally and physically ill. Thinking too much about the deceased, reminiscing is not good for the mental state, so you should not use the clothes of the deceased.

Another argument: There is another argument behind not using the clothes of the deceased. According to scientists, when a person dies, before that, his immune system is very weak. Due to the disease, countless bacteria and viruses have made a home in his body, which we cannot see. Even after the death of the person, the bacteria remains on the clothes and other objects and the person who uses it can become sick.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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