World record for 74 days underwater


A professor from the University of Florida has set a new world record for the longest time underwater. Professor Joseph Deturi spent 74 days in a Florida lagoon about 30 feet below the surface. He was sitting in a 100 square foot capsule. Joseph Deturi planned to stay underwater for 100 days. Before this, in 2014, two other professors had set a record of 73 days sitting underwater and their record was broken by Professor Deturi.

According to the information given by Deturi on social media, he went to live in the water from March 1 this year and came out on June 9. In an Instagram post, Professor Deturi wrote, I am happy that my curiosity for discovery has been quenched. From day one, my goal was to inspire scientists around the world and the next generation. Breaking the world record is a milestone. My mission is not over. I had 23 days in the water to do the research.

According to one report, during his 74th day on the water, Professor Deturi ate a high-protein diet of microwaved eggs and salmon. I felt sleepy after exercising. Joseph wants to know how our bodies react to long-term exposure to extreme pressure while underwater. In the past, the professor made an important discovery. He looked for a single-celled organism. According to his team, this is a new species for science. However, this finding is yet to be confirmed.

Professor Deturi was closely monitored while in the water. Often his urine and blood samples were taken to check whether he was healthy or not. In addition, psychologists and psychiatrists also monitored him. It was seen how his mental effect was when he was living in a closed environment.

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